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Creative city
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About Us

Intellectual Smart is a vendor and system integrator of complex Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport Systems. We manufacture state-of-the-art functional equipment as well as software with which we create our systems for your benefit. We have extensive implementation experience that we offer you for your projects.

  • Our Mission

    We work to improve the quality of life for every citizen and sustainable urban development as a whole.

  • Our Valuables

    Work for the future. City for citizens. A pleasant environment for everyone.

  • Individual Approach

    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.


Practice gives the following values of the achieved effects of the implementation of ITS



Reducing emissions of harmful substances after the successful implementation of an intelligent transport system makes the environment cleaner and life more comfortable.



Intelligent transport system improves the efficiency of road traffic and the quality of transport services



Reduction of accidents on the roads by 15 % Reduction of the average travel time by 30 % Increasing the speed of response to incident by 25 %

Products & Services

We have a wide range of solutions to make life more comfort and safe


GENUS video detector

  • Control of the number of vehicles, flow density, speed, time span between passing cars;           
  • Use as stationary and mobile traffic metering points;         
  • Determining the length of the queue of vehicles.

GENUS traffic controller

  • Has the best price/quality ratio among the competitors’ analogues;            
  • Has all functions as top worlds solutions;      
  • Programmable, coordinated and adaptive modes.

GENUS Variable Message Signs

  • Informs drivers about the traffic situation and upcoming major events;          
  • Can be used both in city and at highways;       
  • Can be used for direct and indirect traffic management.

GENUS CITY software

  • Designed to automate the management and optimization of traffic flows through traffic control elements, developed with the most modern technologies and traffic management.


  • Software development according to individual requirements



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